Buffer Seal


Hydraulic Seals is a very important element in Hydraulic applications. Not only the hydraulic seals must prevent leakage of fluid from the Cylinder, but it must also withstand the high pressures, the extreme temperatures and the transverse forces within the cylinder. In such applications, the function of Hydraulic Seals is goes far beyond the preventing of fluid leakage.

We are supplying top quality brands of hydraulic seal such as NOK, KASTAS, CHO, VITON to meet the variety option for different industrial of customers. Our products range including:

– Oil Seal / Rotary Seal,
– Rod / Piston Seal,
– Wiper Seal,
– Buffer Seal,
– O-Ring, O-Ring Cord & X-Ring,
– Back-up Ring,
– Double Acting Seal,
– Wear Ring,
– DU Bushing,
– Bonded Seal,
– Aluminium Washer,
– Copper Washer,
– Pneumatic Seals,
– Mechanical Seals,
– Seal Kit,
– O-Ring Kit.

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